Staff Details
Proessional's NameCameron Bannet
Primary SpecialtyRehabilitation of lower leg
Rehabilitation of Foot
Rehabilitation of Ankle injuries
Education & Training
Medical QualifictionLower Limb Health Professional - Podiatrist

Cameron Bennet is the principal podiatrist and our allied health professional with a strong desire to provide the highest level of podiatry care and a special interest in the rehabilitation of lower leg, foot and ankle injuries, Cameron will have you back on your feet in no time

We quote his words: “My current experience has taught me two things; listen and understand the unique need of each patient and remain educated and present in the latest advances in podiatry care.”

After graduating QUT, Cameron Bannet entered the Podiatry world to explore his passion for helping people. Working as a Podiatrist across Australia, he quickly discovered that keeping the patient’s health needs at the centre of care was often missing in the Podiatry treatment being provided.

Cameron Bannet works at “My Family Podiatry’s”. His aim is to provide a high level of patient focussed care to all patients and assist the broader community in managing their lower limb health. With a background in physical training, he has a special interest in the rehabilitation of lower limb sporting injuries.